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This is a list of the tags we have, and a discussion of how they might evolve.

Current Tags

  • fan - Someone with an amateur interest in fandom. They pay to do it
  • pro - Someone with a professional interest. Author, publisher, actor, artist, illustrator, scientist, journalist, academic etc. They get paid to do it.
  • artist - Anyone who produces art, including video
  • uk, ireland, europe, nz, australia, canada, asia, japan. Broad range to avoid too small a list. 'us' is assumed for everyone else. [mlo: which is annoying, but I don't see a non-annoying alternative.] I'd like 'us' to be added, would be prepared to do it manually. JRB [thomas: Have you considered 'usa' as an alternative to avoid confusion with 'us' as in 'us versus them'?]
  • fanspeak - fannish words and concepts. Some overlap with publishing and conrunning.
  • convention - Conventions, festivals etc, only apply to the master page for a convention sequence like Boskone. [mlo: That means that uniquely-named conventions which are not series don't appear on convention tag lists.]
  • bid - A bid for a convention
  • worldcon, eastercon, eurocon, canvention, westercon - For special major conventions, Worldcon, Eastercon, Westercon, Eurocon, Canvention. We need something for NZ and Australia. [mlo: I'd be inclined to limit this to Eastercon, Westercon and Worldcon as these are far more influential than the others. There are a *lot* of national conventions and we have to draw a line somewhere. I'd not include Nasfic, either.). It is a matter of perspective, I think Aussies, New Zelanders and Canadians are proud of their natons. JRB
  • conrunning - The mechanics of running a convention, famous incidents
  • award - Awards, but only apply to the key pages for award series like the Hugos
  • fanfund - Fanfunds
  • fanhistory - Articles about what fandom is like, including reminiscence.
  • club - clubs and writing groups and writing workshops
  • _admin - for internal organisation of the site, templates etc
  • hoax - Hoaxes
  • feud - Feuds
  • media - non-written fandoms, tv, film, anime etc. [mlo: Note that to the extent that they have their own disconnected fandoms, they don't really belong here. (Though I wouldn't spend time deleting pages unless they conflicted with fannish pages.)]
  • apa - APA
  • fanzine, apazine, perzine, newszine, prozine, semiprozine, newsletter, fanthology - Different sorts of fan publication, fanzine, apazine, perzine, newszine, prozine, semiprozine, newsletter
  • show - Fannish musicals, plays, films etc
  • store - Place to buy things, bricks and mortar or online
  • venue - Building that holds cons, or a slan shack house.
  • locale - A geographical place
  • publisher - Is this a company or a person? See discussion at end.
  • publishing - The mechanics of producing books, fanzines etc, cf conrunning for cons. [mlo: This was an old idea when Fancy 3 was just starting; It no longer seems very compelling.] I like this one, it is a rabbithole of odd terms, and has plenty of entries. Could be a list at the end of a feature article, but it would be a big task to write that. JRB
  • small_press - A small company that publishes things. See discussion at end.
  • abomination - ? [mlo: It's traditional for a few editorial remarks to creep in…]
  • obscure_fact - ? [mlo: This is in the category of "it seemed like a good idea at the time". The idea was to tag things people just browsing might find amusing. We should discuss whether it retains enough value.]
  • catchphrase - ? [mlo: Sadly, no longer much used. It used to be a proud and lonely thing to be a fan.]
  • obsolete - ? [mlo: I think this may still be useful. It designates usages, mainly, which are obsolete. Let's discuss, as it might be as useful turned into something like Obsolete at the top of the definition.]
  • food - food and drink [mlo: mildly amusing, but otherwise of dubious value]
  • first_fandom - First Fandom [mlo: Keep. This is our founding generation and I want to give them special recognition. They are people who committed fanac before WW II]
  • book - A notable book, series of books, or a short story, length is not an issue format is.
  • bibliography - A list of books, fanzines, prozines, etc.
  • initialisism - Things referred to by their initials
  • penname, nickname - Former as authors, latter as people [mlo: Is this a useful distinction? It's clear enough, but is it useful?] Pennames for pros should be invisible redirects. Nicknames for fans have some interest, but again would better be part of the fan's main page. So I think its clutter and would remove it. JRB
  • fancast - Spoken fan publication
  • filk - Filk singing, includes people, conventions, groups, clubs, musicals
  • tolkien - people, clubs, conventions about that
  • fancy1, fancy2 - containing content from Fancyclopedia 1 or Fancyclopedia 2
  • list - lists of things [mlo: drop] JRB keep [mlo: Ah. I see what it's used for. Agreed, keep.]
  • website - websites

Changes made

  • Get rid of ted tag. JRB [mlo: agree]
  • The statuette, author, bibliographer, historian, and fantasy tags have very few members, and should go. JRB [mlo: agree]
  • Merge perzine tag into fanzine. JRB [mlo: agree. I wonder if clubzine is a distinction worth keeping?]
  • Remove tag email. JRB [mlo: agree]
  • collector - Collector [mlo: drop]
  • Remove editor tag, splitting into fan or pro. Too many people edit as part of other things. JRB [mlo: agreed]
  • Get rid of tag audio, it has 4 members, and no-one thinks to use it. JRB [mlo: agree]
  • lovecraft - [mlo: I'm not sure there's enough Lovecraft to warrant it]. JRB delete it
  • statuette - Sculpture [mlo: really? Are there ever going to be enough of them? Are they interesting enough?] Deleted. JRB
  • audio - [mlo: what is this? Is there enough to be worth keeping given that we have fancast?]. Deleted JRB
  • Publisher tag removed from people, publisher link added if important. JRB
  • Add conrunning tag for articles about how conventions are organised, and memories on how they went. Reserve the convention tag for the event itself. JRB.


JRB for ideas liked by John Bray, MLO by Mark Olsen

  • New tags need approval from Mark. JRB
  • I wonder if clubzine is a distinction worth keeping MLO. Possibly JRB [mlo: Let's keep it for now then.]
  • Merge semiprozine into prozine, they are both sold, even if one loses money! JRB [mlo: I'm not sure. There are so damn many of the semiprozines.]
  • Writing courses like Clarion should be conventions, not clubs. JRB [mlo: They're repeated annually with different people. Neither tag is perfect, but they "feel" a bit more like a convention.]
  • For something in a category that's too common to be in the main index, add a leading underscore. So while Boskone is a 'convention', Boskone 14 is a '_convention', Hugo is an 'award', 2008 Best Novel Hugo is an '_award'. JRB [mlo: I see a good case for this, but let's discuss it a bit more first. What do we do when we have something like most Eastercons that ought to have both "convention" and "_convention"?] Eastercons should have tag eastercon and not convention, can we think of other examples where Con X is particularly important? JRB
  • Add _admin tags to all redirection pages using "module redirection", or "(Did you mean …". JRB [mlo: let's discuss — I don't understand the implications of this]
  • Add _admin tags to year pages. JRB [mlo: let's discuss — I don't understand the implications of this]
  • Add a misc tag, just so every page has a tag, and we can check for omissions. JRB [mlo: let's discuss — I don't understand the implications of this]
  • Get rid of abomination and obscure_fact tags. JRB [mlo: I'd like to keep abomination ]
  • Remove catchphrase tag, merge into fanspeak. JRB [mlo: let's discuss — I'd like to look at the two categories in detail first]
  • Remove tag obsolete. JRB [mlo: let's discuss — I'd like to look at the category in detail first]
  • Remove tag websites, everything has a website. JRB [mlo: The idea was to tag pages specifically about websites. Let's review]
  • Add tag project, for all those fannish projects to archive, catalogue change the world etc. Would cover many websites like SF Encyclopedia etc, so could take over from website tag. JRB [mlo: ??]
  • Work on pages with multiple meanings so we have no pages with incompatible tags merely because they share the same name. JRB [mlo: let's discuss — I don't understand the implications of this]
  • Now tag collector has gone replace with backlinks from the Collector article. [mlo: agree.]

This could apply to all sorts of roles, editor, historian etc. JRB [mlo: let's discuss — I don't understand the implications of this, though it sounds sensible]

  • Publisher is currently half companies, half people. The latter is an anomalous role given we don't have editor etc. We could change publisher to press to be the counterpart to small_press, but its not a common term. It might be easiest to just ensure publisher is in people's descriptions, and have a backlink section as we do for editor, and not tag people. publishing_house/publisher is an alternative. JRB [mlo: I no longer think it makes sense for it to be a person — there are far too many fanzines publishers! The question then becomes, does the remaining use warrant keeping it at all?]. I think we should rename small_press tag to be publisher, and keep the mainstream ones in that. They'd be overwhelmed, but that's good, and avoids our assessment. Get Thomas's view. JRB [thomas: tagging small presses with 'publisher' rather than 'small_press' makes sense to me. As for people, there is the borderline case of Graham Stone having published books as Graham Stone.][thomas: another alternative is imprint. It doesn't have quite the same meaning. A publisher may have multiple imprints. But users may tend to know publishers by their imprints rather than their business names (e.g., "Escape Publishing" rather than "Harlequin Australia", and "Tor" rather than "Tom Doherty Associates").]
  • Change the novelty tags (food, catchphrase, nickname, obscure fact etc) into standalone pages prominent from the landing page. Obviously it would be nicer to have someone write on the history of nicknames, but we could just have the automatic backlist from a mention of the term. Not convinced that people finding one obscure fact would be hopping to others. JRB
  • Either get rid of newszine (3 entries) and newsletter or populate them. Convention newsletters should really be folded into the con entries, the rest are just fanzines, which need to just reference newszine their text. JRB votes remove.

Untagged pages, sorted by size

page(title) size tags
FanHistoriCon 9 3874
Tropicon VII 3705
NecronomiCon Providence 2015 3703
NecronomiCon Providence 2017 3567
NecronomiCon Providence 2013 3312
2019 Hugo Results 2992
Minicon 9 2858
2005 NASFiC Site Selection Results 2776
Minicon 8 2736
Minicon 4 2721
V-Con 1 2708
1959 Hugo Results 2590
Kubla Khan Too 2482
Boskone 24 2438
Ditto 14 2375
Mythcon XXVII 2360
1939 Retro Hugo Results 2354
1967 Hugo Results 2304
Albacon 2011 2249
World Fantasy Convention 2018 2192
Kubla's Ninth Khanphony 2161
Second Eastern States Science Fiction Convention 2158
Boskone 25 2153
2013 Hugo Results 2136
1943 Michiconference 2106
DeepSouthCon 44 2078
2018 Hugo Results 2075
Kwintus Kublius 2069
Secondary Universe I 2068
Boskone 22 2061
1956 Hugo Results 2053
Unicon IV 2042
2002 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo 2019
Minicon 3 1969
2017 Hugo Results 1944
List of Hugo Results 1939
Tropicon IV 1937
1978 Hugo Results 1933
ConQuesT 41 1887
Minicon 7 1822
Baycon '82 1817
2015 Hugo Results 1785
2012 Hugo Results 1761
1969 Hugo Results 1749
2014 Hugo Results 1744
1946 Retro Hugo Results 1737
Trinoc*coN 2005 1718
Kubla Khan Clave 1701
Tropicon V 1700
1968 Hugo Results 1697
Trinoc*coN 2004 1695
Nebula Award Weekend 2015 1691
Boréal 2018 1676
Tropicon II 1674
Nebula Award Weekend 2010 1659
Lunacon 2016 1657
1965 Hugo Results 1650
Odyssey Con 2017 1648
2016 Hugo Results 1648
PgHLANGE 1 1640
Lunacon 11 1632
Continuum 8 1622
1973 Hugo Results 1617
Tropicon VIII 1616
Tropicon XVI 1613
2011 Hugo Results 1606
Minicon 6 1605
1959 Best Short Story Hugo 1584
SFWA Nebula Conference 2016 1568
1960 Hugo Results 1550
Ditto 10 1550
1955 Hugo Results 1546
1954 Retro Hugo Results 1544
2019 1538
Minicon 2 1525
1996 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo 1513
Tropicon VI 1511
Minicon 5 1507
2007 Hugo Results 1506
1970 Hugo Results 1504
Secondary Universe II 1483
2010 Hugo Results 1473
1984 Hugo Results 1467
Baycon '92 1458
2006 Hugo Results 1457
Albacon 2014.5 1455
1997 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo 1451
2009 Hugo Results 1446
2005 Hugo Results 1442
Trinoc*coN 2003 1434
2004 Hugo Results 1424
Disclave 24 1421
Midwestcon 19 1418
2008 Hugo Results 1405
1988 Hugo Results 1402
NecronomiCon, 4th Edition 1400
1993 Hugo Results 1385
1969 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo 1384
1992 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo 1380
HELIOsphere 2017 1379
1991 Hugo Results 1375
1997 Hugo Results 1374
Philcon 1978 1370
2008 Best Dramatic Presentation Long Form Hugo 1364
NecronomiCon, 3rd Edition 1361
Continuum 13 1358
Boréal 2009 1356
Conestoga 12 1346
Con*Cept '92 1345
Lunacon 12 1339
NecronomiCon, 5th Edition 1337
1989 Hugo Results 1336
1996 Hugo Results 1335
2004 Best Related Book Hugo 1333
CONtraflow 5 1329
Midwestcon 8 1319
Xanadu III 1308
1966 Hugo Results 1307
1951 Retro Hugo Results 1304
NecronomiCon, 2nd Edition 1299
2006 Best Dramatic Presentation Short Form Hugo 1288
1942 Michiconference 1282
2003 Hugo Results 1282
2018 1280
Xanadu II 1280
ConFusion 13 1280
Corflu 34 1279
OKon 15 1276
1985 Hugo Results 1274
2009 Best Dramatic Presentation Long Form Hugo 1271
1958 1270
Boréal 2010 1258
Second British Convention 1257
Boskone I 1252
1994 Hugo Results 1248
1968 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo 1248
1962 Best Short Fiction Hugo 1248
Fanbar1 1246
Boréal 2017 1246
2004 Best Dramatic Presentation Long Form Hugo 1246
2002 Hugo Results 1242
Disclave 9 1234
NecronomiCon, 1st Edition 1231
Boskone 15 1224
Con*Cept 2007 1222
1995 Hugo Results 1222
1952 1215
2010 NASFiC Site Selection Results 1211
2006 Best Dramatic Presentation Long Form Hugo 1210
Con*Cept '97 1208
2003 Best Dramatic Presentation Long Form Hugo 1208
1977 Hugo Results 1207
Disclave 4 1207
1990 Hugo Results 1202
FenCon VIII 1199
Boskone II 1195
1999 Hugo Results 1188
Con*Tretemps 9 1187
1990 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo 1187
2002 Best Related Book Hugo 1183
1979 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo 1182
Tropicon I 1180
2009 Best Graphic Story Hugo 1169
1992 Hugo Results 1167
Minicon 33 1165
1993 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo 1161
TusCon V 1159
Conestoga 11 1158
1975 Hugo Results 1158
1987 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo 1156
1981 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo 1153
1981 Hugo Results 1153
World Fantasy Convention 2013 1150
Con*Cept 2000 1149
DeepSouthCon 22 1142
2001 Hugo Results 1142
2007 Best Dramatic Presentation Long Form Hugo 1137
1978 Best Novel Hugo 1130
1975 1129
1983 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo 1128
1974 Hugo Results 1123
1937 1121
2010 Best Graphic Story Hugo 1113
DucKon 13 1113
AutoClave 1 1111
1945 Michiconference 1110
DeepSouthCon 37 1110
Con*Cept '93 1108
1991 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo 1107
1984 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo 1106
Fan Fair I 1104
Michicon 4 1104
1982 Hugo Results 1103
1998 Hugo Results 1100
1958 Hugo Results 1096
Conestoga 10 1095
1964 Hugo Results 1094
Westercon 74 1092
1959 Best Novelette Hugo 1090
Boskone 56 1089
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