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Welcome! This site is open to all fans. We do ask that you identify yourself, however, as we will not be permitting anonymous editing. Let the Fancyclopedia editors know who you are and you'll quickly be added to the list of users who can edit pages.

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We'll be happy to help you do this! Please email the editor at gro.ellivreksab|3ycnaf#gro.ellivreksab|3ycnaf and we'll step you through the process.

The first step is to get a Wikidot ID by pressing the JOIN button:

(If you do not see a "Join" button directly above, that means you are already a Wikidot member who can edit Fancyclopedia, and are already signed in. You're ready to go.)

If you can see the Join button then you need a Wikidot ID (which you can get by pressing the JOIN button), and you need to be given permission to edit Fancyclopedia 3.

To get permission, once you have a Wikidot ID, email the editor at gro.ellivreksab|3ycnaf#gro.ellivreksab|3ycnaf to tell us what your ID is so we can add you. Please don't rely on Wikidot's internal message system to notify us!