Syracuse in '67

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A bid to host the 1967 Worldcon in Syracuse, NY. In the voting at Tricon it lost to New York in 1967 (which won and hosted Nycon III. The other bidders were Boston in '67 and Baltimore in '67. See 1967 Site Selection results.

It would have been named "Syracon" if it had won and would have been run at the Hotel Syracuse.

The bid was co-chaired by Jay K. Klein and Dave Kyle. Ruth Kyle was Secretary, George Heap was Treasurer and the rest of the committee included James Ashe, Ann Ashe, and Jack Smith. Non-committee members (!) included Richard Wilson (Press Relations), Bjo Trimble (Project Art Show), and Milton Rothman (Senior Adviser).

The bid used an Ancient Greece theme (harking back to the original Syracuse in Sicily). It ran ads in the Tricon pocket program (which occupied 20% of the four half-sized pages) and included an elaborate 8-page mimeoed bid flyer, see below.

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