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(1) A Libation

Swill is a potent, yellow-colored alcoholic punch invented by members of the Nashville Science Fiction Club, named by Dan Caldwell and frequently served at Southern fandom room parties, where it is mixed in trash cans.

According to Caldwell:

About 1983, maybe earlier, a new drink is invented at a NSFC party. It consists of vodka, with orange and grape juice which supply vitamins that the alcohol kills off in the body. It is actually good for you…well, less bad for you than straight booze…. Real swill is always made in trash cans (for the flavor). The drink has been prominently featured at Nashville room parties ever since. "The roar of the blender, the smell of the Swill."

(2) A Fanzine by Neil Jamieson-Williams

Swill, a fanzine published by VileFen Press and edited by Canadian faned Neil Jamieson-Williams, received the Best Fanzine award for 2011 by the Fanzine Fanac Awards Society. The earliest issues got very bad reviews.

Issue Date Pages Notes
V1#1 February 1981 8
V1#2 March 1981 12

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Wikidot is dying. This site has moved to http://fancyclopedia.org