SWAT Team Affair

The SWAT team affair happened at Disclave 24 in Crystal City, VA (a mile from the Pentagon) on Memorial Day weekend in 1980.

Joe Mayhew described this thusly: "For me the highlight of the con happened while I was auctioning. The room was a ground level exhibition area with two vast doors in its back. While Jack Chalker had his back turned, sipping coffee, the doors opened and a SWAT team with loaded machine guns barged in. Someone had been seen on a balcony of the hotel with what looked like a gun. It was a very security minded area. We don't know how many attended with or without the G-Men."

Nothing bad happened that day, but responsible con-runners shuddered collectively and wondered what might have happened if some jerk with a toy guy had pulled it suddenly on one of the members of the SWAT team. This provided part of the impetus towards tightening convention weapons policies.

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