Susan Shwartz

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(December 31, 1949 —)

Shwartz is an American author.

She received her B.A. in English from Mount Holyoke College in 1972 and a PhD in English from Harvard University.

Shwartz has published several novels, including her Heirs to Byzantium and Shards of Empire series, and sixty short stories. She has collaborated with Josepha Sherman on several Star Trek tie-in novels. Her work has received 2 Hugo, 5 Nebula, 1 World Fantasy, 1 Mythopoeic, and 1 Philip K. Dick Award nominations.

She was a member of the concom for Noreascon 3, the 1989 Worldcon, and a judge for the 2012 Endeavour Awards. (IA) "A Neo-Pro’s Guide to Fandom and Con-dom", by Susan Shwartz, from the 1990 SFWA Handbook

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