Stockholm in 1980

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A Worldcon bid advertised in the Heicon PR 0 (which was an advertising piece published well in advance of the vote held at St. Louiscon in August 1969. It was run by a 38th World SF Convention Bidding Committee. Membership is unknown, but it may be deducible from that of the Stockholm in 1976 bid.

It seems to have been a stalking horse intended to develop into a real bid. In Heicon's PR 1, published in late 1969 or early 1970 it morphed into a Stockholm in 1976 bid, which see.

See 1980 Site Selection results.

This is a bid page. Please extend it by adding information about who was bidding, officers, committee list, what they were bidding for, who their opponents were, and anything notable about the bid, etc.

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