Stirring Science Stories

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Stirring Science Stories, and its companion magazine, Cosmic Stories, were the start of Donald A. Wollheim's professional editing career. Wollheim wrote Albing Publications of New York, asking if they were interested in a SF magazine titled Stirring Science-Fiction because he had noticed a magazine published by Albing titled Stirring Western-Detective.

He was hired by Albing for no salary, and almost no budget, to edit Stirring Science Stories, the name finally decided upon for the new SF magazine.

Wollheim called upon his fellow Futurians for assistance, and they filled the magazine with their fiction and artwork under their own names and a variety of pseudonyms. Wollheim divided the contents of each issue into two parts, one for SF and the other for fantasy. Non-Futurians whose work was used included David H. Keller and Clark Ashton Smith.

Despite Wollheim's efforts, the bi-monthly magazine only lasted for four issues, from February, 1941, to March, 1942.

Cosmic Stories suffered a similar fate. (IA) SF Encyclopedia entry

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