Steven Schultheis

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(b. June 4, 1930)

Steven F. Schultheis was a fan and a librarian who was from the Cleveland area, but moved to the LA area in the late 50s. He was married to fellow fan and fellow librarian Virginia Schultheis and many of their projects were done jointly.

He was a member of the Terrans (President and Sec/Treasurer), Cleveland in '55 and of the Clevention committee. He attended Midwestcon 1 and coined "Beastley's on the Bayou." He was also a member of the N3F, the Hyborian Legion, the Fellowship of the Ring, LASFS (for which he wrote The LASFS Marching Song) and the ISL. He was a GDA operative.

His fanzines included Gumbie, and Enigma of the Hieronymous Machine and he co-wrote Captain Future Meets Gilbert and Sullivan.

He was deeply involved in WSFS rules. In the mid-50s, he helped create WSFS, Inc and was heavily involved in it, but after being subsequently ignored by the New York fans who came to run it and changed to opposition. Later he helped draft the modern WSFS rules between Chicon III and Discon 1.

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