Steve Green

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A British fanzine fan and conrunner who discovered fandom in the early 70s. He has worked on a variety of convention committees, including chairing Novacon 14 and ConRunner 4. He won TAFF in 2009. He has been administrator of the Nova Award for fanzines since 2002.

Clubs include the Solihull SF Group, the Birmingham SF Group, the Black Lodge, and the MiSFiTs (the Mercian Science Fiction Triangle). He was a founder of the British Amateur Press Association and has been administrator since 2002.

He published Critical Wave: The European Science Fiction & Fantasy Review with Martin Tudor from 1987 through 1996. He was an editor of the Brum Group News. His fanzines include Astron (with Chris Cutts), Meta (with Noel Chidwick and Paul Harris, for the Birmingham SF Group), Gonzo, Basilisk, Twilight Zine and Overmatter (for the Solihull SF Group), Horrorshow (with Alan Keeley), Closer to the Edge, Free Radical, Saijin, Sounding the Ritual Echo and Thunderbox (with Ann Green), Omega (through the British Amateur Press Association), On Random Hold (through APA-B, aka the Organisation), Something for the Weekend (through the Nameless Apa), Slave Girls of FAPA and Cyfddydd (for FAPA). More fanzines: Events in Dense Fog, Are You Still Here?, The Fortnightly Fix, Kurtz's Lament (through Halloween), Railings, and Gaijin. He is UK bureau chief for Mansplat!. With Nic Farey and Jacqueline Monahan he published All Jacq'd Up to promote Jacqueline Monahan's candidacy for TAFF.

He was married to the late Ann Green.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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