Steve Davies

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A British fanzine and convention fan. He has worked on a large number of UK conventions, including Eastercons, Intersection and Plokta.con. He chaired Reconvene, the 1999 Eastercon. He chaired the Birmingham University SF Society. He is a member of the RSFG.

He is a member of the Plokta Cabal who edited Plokta when it won the 2006 Best Fanzine Hugo (it was nominated for the Best Fanzine Hugo in 1999—2008). It also won the Nova Award for Best Fanzine in 2000 and 2002.

Other fanzines include Green Slime, Fossilised Thoughts, Seven Kinds of Madness, Voice of the Mysterons, Hot Ansible Action, and the first issue of Guffaw.

He has also composed filk songs and is webmaster of the Plokta website: He is married for fellow fan Giulia De Cesare.

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