(1) A Convention in North Carolina

Regional convention held in North Carolina by UNC-Greensboro's Science Fiction and Fantasy Federation.

The first fifteen StellarCons were held on the campus of UNC-Greensboro.

Stellarcon III was a minicon held April 1, 1978 at the Elliott University Center at UNC Greensboro.

Following a near disaster on StellarCon 15, the convention took a year off before moving off campus. Erik Olson advised the convention manager for that year, Jeff Smith, in how to handle the transition. During the off-campus years, sites in both Greensboro and High Point were used, with particularly long lines in High Point in a since-demolished hotel whose function space formed a six-story atrium and in another Main Street hotel which was at various times a Radisson, Best Western, or unbranded.

StellarCon 32, in 2008, was also DeepSouthCon 46. Following StellarCon 37 in 2013, the convention has not been held again, though the club could potentially revive it.


(2) A Convention in Missouri

Stellarcon '79 was a convention held August 25-26, 1979 in Joplin, MO.

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