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The 1969 Worldcon held August 28 to September 1 at the Chase-Park Plaza in St. Louis. GoH: Jack Gaughan, FGoH: Eddie Jones. Eddie Jones, the TAFF (Trans Atlantic Fan Fund) winner, replaced Ted White, who withdrew as Fan Guest to dramatize the TAFF winner. Harlan Ellison was Toastmaster. It was co-chaired by Ray Fisher and Joyce Fisher and was sponsored by the Ozark Science Fiction Association.

1969 Hugo Results.

St. Louiscon was the Worldcon at which site selection went from one year in advance to two years in advance, and, as a consequence, it selected both the 1970 Worldcon and the 1971 Worldcon. The bidders for 1970 were Bermuda in 1970, Tranquility Base in 70 (a hoax bid) and Heicon in 70 (which won and ran Heicon '70 in Heidelberg, Germany), see 1970 Site Selection results. For 1971 they were Washington in '71 and Boston in '71 (which won and ran Noreascon I), see 1971 Site Selection results.

Read Dave Kyle's reminiscence of the convention and the St. Louiscon Movie Screen Affair.

Bidders: St. Louis in 69, and Columbus in 69. See 1969 Site Selection results

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