Spirits of Things Past

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Spirits of Things Past was the series of fanzines which were the progress reports and program book of Ditto 14 which was also Fanhistoricon 11. It was edited by Leah Zeldes Smith and published by Dick Smith. Some issues are available online.

  • Spirits of Things Past One, April 2001.

Includes: "The Prarie Indian Villiage Without Indians" by Bob Tucker, "Toward a New Fanspeak" by Leah Zeldes Smith

  • Spirits of Things Past Two, August 2001.

Includes: "Traveling Jiants and Other Neolalia" by Bob Tucker, "Just Another Brick in the Wall…" by Earl Kemp, letters of comment….

  • Spirits of Things Past Three, September 2001.

Includes: Con info: directions to the hotel, airport shuttle and other important hotel information, a list of things to bring, "Finding New Fans: Seth Johnson and His Fanzine Clearing House" by Leah Zeldes Smith, "The Campbells are Coming… Tra La?" by Bob Tucker, "How the GRINCH Stole Worldcon" by Bill "The Galactic" Fesselmeyer, Fan Hugo Award Results, "Who's Voting No Award?" by Leah Zeldes Smith, letters of comment….

  • Spirits of Things Past Four: The CONTACT Fanthology, October 2001.

In this sparkling1 100-page fanzine, produced by Dick and Leah Zeldes Smith, 72 fans tell the stories of how they found their way to fandom. Contributors comprise a wide variety of fenBNFs, LKFs, fanzine fans, convention fans, techies, pros, Hugo winners, Worldcon chairfen and more — among them Forry Ackerman, Jack Chalker, Howard DeVore, Phyllis Eisenstein, John Foyster, Gordon Garb, Deb Geisler, Mike Glicksohn, Mike Glyer, Rob Jackson, Terry Jeeves, Dave Langford, Eric Lindsay, Rich and Nicki Lynch, Craig Miller Jodie Offutt, Mark and Priscilla Olson, Bruce Pelz, Andrew I. Porter, Tullio Proni, Mike Resnick, Jon Singer, Jack Speer, Bob Tucker, Tom Veal, William R. Warren, Peter Weston and Tom Whitmore.

  • Spirits of Things Past Five: The Program Book and Other Trivia, October 2001.

Includes: Con info: Program schedule, restaurant guide and map, "Eleven Years Ago…" by Leah Zeldes Smith, "The Secret Handgrip of Fandom" by Ro Nagey, letters of comment….

Issues 1-3 and 5 are online.

Wikidot is dying. This site has moved to http://fancyclopedia.org