Spikecon (which is Westercon 72 and the 2019 Nasfic and a 1632 Minicon) is a convention which will be held July 4th - 7th, 2019 at the Hilton Garden Inn (and three others) and the Davis Conference Center in Layton, UT. (Near where the Golden Spike was hammered in to complete the transcontinental railroad.) The committee (chaired by Kate Hatcher) is the same for all three conventions, but the GoHs are different.


The Literary GoH will be Jim Butcher, the Artist GoH will be , Cosplay GoH will be Kitty Krell, the Special Guest will be Eric Flint, and the Fan GoH Trio will be Kevin Standlee, Lisa Hayes & Kuma Bear.


The GoHs will be Susan Chang, Linda Deneroff, Dragon Dronet, Laurell K. Hamilton, Vincent Villafranca, Kitty Krell, and David Weber. MCs Bjo & John Trimble. (Villafranca is a GoH of both conventions.)

The committee won the bidding to hold the 2019 NASFiC in conjunction with Spikecon. See 2019 Nasfic Site Selection results.

1632 Minicon:

The 2019 annual 1632 Minicon will also be held at the convention.

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