Speculative Literature Foundation

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A non-profit organization. which co-sponsors FOGcon and awarded the SLF Fountain Award.

It's website says: The Speculative Literature Foundation was launched in January 2004 to promote literary quality in speculative fiction. More than thirty volunteers, directed by Mary Anne Mohanraj, work on an ongoing basis to:

  • Create a comprehensive website which serves as a hub for information of use to speculative fiction readers, writers, editors and publishers.
  • Develop booklists and other materials to use in outreach efforts to schools and libraries.
  • Raise funds for redistribution to quality work, by individuals and organizations, which enriches the field.
  • Present individual and organizational grants and awards; currently an award for excellence in speculative short fiction. Possible future grant/award areas include: novel development grants, a first novel award, small press/magazine development grants, financial assistance for writers attending workshops or writing retreats.

http://www.speculativeliterature.org/ (IA) Website

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Wikidot is dying. This site has moved to http://fancyclopedia.org