Spacecon was a relaxacon held in Wapakoneta, Ohio, birthplace of astronaut Neil Armstrong and home of the Armstrong Air and Space Museum. It was founded in 1979, in celebration of the 10th anniversary of Apollo 11's moon landing, and continued annually on the weekend closest to Lunar Landing Day and, not coincidentally, Bill Bowers' birthday.

The con was founded and organized by Bowers and Rusty Hevelin, after Midwestern fandom discovered the town via the Wapakoneta Triangle.

Convention Dates GoHs
Spacecon 1 July 20-22, 1979 Kelly Freas
Spacecon 2 July 18-20, 1980
Spacecon 3 July 17-19, 1981
Spacecon 4 July 16-18, 1982
Spacecon 6 July 20-22, 1984 Joe Haldeman, Gay Haldeman

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