Space Science Fiction

Space Science Fiction was a digest-sized SF magazine published by Space Publications, Inc. of New York (John Raymond) from May, 1952, until September, 1953, for a total run of 8 issues. It was bi-monthly for most issues.

The editor was Lester del Rey. He published stories by several prominent SF writers, including Philip K. Dick, Clifford Simak, Isaac Asimov, Henry Kuttner, Murray Leinster, Fletcher Pratt, Cyril Kornbluth, Poul Anderson, and himself.

George O. Smith provided a book review column.

There was a British reprint edition published during the same years.

Space Science Fiction is not to be confused with Space Stories, five issues of which were published in 1952-1953 and Space Science Fiction Magazine, two issues of which were published in 1957.