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The 1958 Worldcon, second in LA, Solacon was held August 29-September 1 in the Alexandria Hotel at South Gate, CA. The GoH was Richard Matheson, and it had no Fan GoH. Solacon was combined with Westercon being also Westercon 11, sharing Guests of Honor and Chairmen. Solacon was physically in Los Angeles, but (by mayoral proclamation) technically in South Gate, California, to fulfill their bid slogan of "South Gate in 58".

Anthony Boucher was Toastmaster (also also parlimentarian of the WSFS Business meeting!) Solacon was chaired by Anna S. Moffatt and sponsored by the Outlanders with "participation" by the Pacific Rocket Society and LASFS. The LASFS Fashion Show at Solacon was organized by Bjo Wells and included Honey Wood Graham and Miriam Dyches as models.

It was at Solacon that WSFS, Inc received its deathblow from Moffatt. (See the entry WSFS, Inc. for details.)

1958 Hugo Results, 1959 Site Selection results

Bidders: South Gate in '58. See 1958 Site Selection results.

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