A local club affiliated with the Tolkien Society, the American Tolkien Society, or the Tolkien Society Forodrim. (In LotR, a "smial" is a rustic hobbit hole.) (IA) Website

Smials (all locations are in the UK unless otherwise noted). Many (if not most) are no longer active.

Amon Sûl — Halifax, NS
Armar In Ruthondudun Ost In Vanyar Llachatherdad — Brighton
Arts Group (may not have been a smial)
Bolgeri — Milan, Italy
Brighton Burrow
BrophyPhoenix, AZ
Bywater Smial — Isle of Wight
Minas Celeb — Liverpool
Cerin Erain — Uppsala, Sweden
The Council of Westmarch — Billings, MT
Crickhollow — Derbyshire
Dor-en-ernil — Teignmouth, Devon
Durin’s Guard — Bosnia and Herzegovina
Dwarf Postal Smial — postal
Eä Tolkien Society — Spokane, WA
Elostirion — Whitehaven and Cumbria
Eregion — Wolverhampton
Esgaroth — Syracuse, NY
Fornost Erain — Stockholm, Sweden
Forlond Smial — North Devon
Glasgow University Tolkien SocietyGlasgow
The Grey Havens — Liverpool
Hern Ennorath / Brisbane Tolkien FellowshipBrisbane, Australia
Hobbiton — Inverclyde
House of Durin — Probably postal
Hyarrostar — Whitstable, Kent, and High Wycombe, Bucks.
Inland Northwest Tolkien Society
IsengardBirmingham Area
Italian Tolkien Collectors — Italy
Ithilien — Stoke-on-Trent
Khand — United Arab Emirates
The Last Alliance — Edmonton, AB
Laurelin — Scotland and Online
Lays of Leithian — Tegelen, Germany
Lebennin Smial -- The Lebanese Tolkien Society — Lebanon
Lómelindi — Nashville, TN
Lothlorien — Dartford, Kent
Michel Delving — Jersey
Minas Tirith — Cambridge, UK
Misty MountainsDenver, CO
Mithlondrim — Merseyside and North West
Morgul-hai — Maidstone, Kent
North East Tolkien SocietyNew York City
Northfarthing — London and Home Counties
Periannath — York
Proudneck — Rome, Italy
Rangers of the North — Preston
Riddermark of the Shire — Stevenage
RHUL Tolkien Society — University of London
Rivendell — North Kelsey, Lincoln, and Gimsby, South Humberside
The Shire — Coventry
The South Downs — Sussex
Southfarthing — Southampton
Three Farthing Stone — Gloustershire
Tol-en-Estel — Cheltenham
Tol Eressëa — Taipei, Taiwan
Tol Andúnë — Hawaii
Tolkien Fans Monterrey — Monterrey, Spain
Tolkien Forever Fellowship of Southern CaliforniaLos Angeles, CA
Treegarth Smial — Derbyshire/Staffordshire
University of Birmingham Middle Earth SocietyBirmingham
University of Bristol Tolkien Society — Bristol
University of York Tolkien Society — York
Wellinghall SmialToronto, ON
Welly-moot — Wellington, NZ
Westmarch — Leicester
Woodspring Smial — Weston-super-Mare