Site Selection Vote

The Worldcon site selection vote is held to select the Worldcon two years out. See Worldcon bidding process for context.

The vote occurs in five phases:

  1. The first step in the bidding process occurs when all Worldcon bids that wish to be on the site selection ballot submit their filing papers to the administering committee. This must happen more than 180 days before the opening of the administering convention.
  2. Not long after the deadline has passed, the administering convention publishes the site selection ballot and opens site selection balloting by mail. Typically few votes are cast by mail, and most of them are cast much closer to the administering convention.
  3. At-con site selection balloting normally starts soon after the official start of the Worldcon and ends the evening of the second-last full day of the convention. (The most common Worldcon schedule has the convention end early Monday afternoon. Sunday is thus the last full day, and at-con site selection balloting thus ends Saturday evening.)
  4. Once at-con site selection balloting has closed, the site selection administrator and representatives from each of the bid committees which have submitted valid filing papers retire to count ballots.
  5. When site selection ballot counting is complete, the winner is unofficially announced. The winner is official after the site selection administrator presents the results of site selection ballot counting at the session of the WSFS Business Meeting the following morning. Unless there are significant irregularities (which has never happened) the WSFS Business Meetingapproves a motion to declare the winner announced by Site Selection Administrator to be the winner of the right to host the Worldcon two years hence and to direct that the ballots be destroyed.