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The Fancyclopedia 3 Project aims to produce a major update of Fancyclopedia 2. Since Fancy 2 dates from the late 50s, the update is necessarily massive, so we will simultaneously retain the Fancy 2 definitions unchanged while providing updates as appropriate. See Page Layout for details.

Fancy 2's articles were primarily focused on fanspeak and fannish events, probably a necessarily limitation to create and publish it at all when it was done. The miracle of modern wikis makes it possible for us to have as many articles as we want, so our policy will be to add page links to every person, place, or thing which is of fannish interest. (That is, we want pages for all fans mentioned, but not necessarily mundanes who happen to be mentioned ("George Smith always listened to Duke Ellington while editing the Knucklehead's clubzine Pickles.") "George Smith", a fan, "Knuckleheads" a club, and "Pickles" a fanzine and "clubzine" an element of fanspeak would get pages. Duke Ellington would normally not.)

See Standards

One Fancy 1 and Fancy 2 tradition we will avoid: Fancy 3 will not get into politics beyond retaining Fancy 2's articles (e.g., Communism) for historical reference.

We will not allow anonymous editing of the site. To get permission to edit, you must identify yourself.

Please do not edit direct quotes from Fancy 1 and Fancy 2 (they are boxed and identified), but place your corrections below. You are welcome to add new material at the top of the page, as long as you don't make changes to the historical text. (I.e., if you want to disagree, feel free, but do so by commenting, not by editing the F1 or F2 material.)

Articles in Fancy 3 will not ordinarily be bylined, since articles (other than those quoted from other sources) may be updated by anyone, but if you make a substantial contribution to a page, we encourage you to add your name to the contributors list for that page.

Wikidot is dying. This site has moved to