Sid Altus

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(b. 1949)

Detroit native and fan Sid Altus became active in the 1970s. In those days, he was an avid collector of sf art and videotapes, a habituate of such conventions as Midwestcon and ConFusion and a pal of Lou Tabakow, Bill Cavin and other CFG members.

Sid was a co-chairman of AutoClave 1 and was a member of the Detroit in '82 Worldcon bid.

He and Alex Berman co-founded a small press, Phantasia Press, which published high-end limited editions of hardcover sf aimed at the collectors' market. Phantasia books would typically appear as first editions, just before being published in a much larger edition brought out out by a larger publisher. Most of the original art from their cover paintings wound up on Sid's walls.

He married a mundane and was fafiated. After his divorce, Sid became a revenant to a limited extent, but ill health kept him from returning to traveling fandom. He is doing well after a kidney transplant but still not able to attend cons.

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