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A convention run in the UK by the Polytechnic Science Fiction and Fantasy Association at the University of Hertfordshire (Hatfield Polytechnic prior to 1992) in Great Britain from 1979 to 1992.

The first convention (and the series) was named 'Shoestringcon' so as not to be unfairly compared with that year's heavily-resourced British Worldcon Seacon '79. (IA) History at Concatenation

Convention Dates GoHs
Shoestringcon 1 Autumn 1979 Ken Bulmer and Mat Irvine
Shoestringcon 2 Autumn 1980 Ian Watson and 2000AD
Shoestringcon 3 Spring 1981 Rob Holdstock
Shoestringcon 4 Autumn 1982 Bob Shaw
Shoestringcon 5 Autumn 1983 Iain Nicolson
Shoestringcon 6 Autumn 1984 Geoff Ryman
Shoestringcon 7 Autumn 1985 Pete Milligan
Shoestringcon 8 Autumn 1986 Bryan Talbot
Shoestringcon 9 Autumn 1987 Ramsey Campbell
Shoestringcon 10 Autumn 1988 Gwyneth Jones and Lorna Mitchell
Shoestringcon 11 Autumn 1989
Shoestringcon 12 Autumn 1990
Shoestringcon 13 Autumn 1991
Shoestringcon 14 Autumn 1992 Storm Constantine
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Wikidot is dying. This site has moved to