Shangri L'Affaires

Shangri L'Affaires (often known by its nickname Shaggy) started in 1941 as a one-sheet page of news and publicity for LASFS.

During the 40s, it was edited by a series of very well-known fans, including Forry Ackerman, Walter Daugherty, Francis Towner Laney, and Charles Burbee. The page count gradually increased, including material other than news, becoming a genzine. By end of 40s, its name had been shortened to Shangri-LA and during the 50s, it was mainly known by the nickname Shaggy, though it had become sporadic.

It was revitalized under Bjo Trimble aided by a group of L.A. fans who pooled some money and bought a new Gestetner mimeograph, solving a continuing production problem. The last issue of 50s, a Christmas 1959 issue, featured a large art supplement, and Bjo's fan fiction "The Littlest Fan". By the mid 60s, Shaggy was edited by Ted Johnstone.

In 1965, new policies set up that restricted its availability. It was no longer available for trade with other fanzines: contribution, subscription, or LoC were the only ways for outsiders to get an issue. It was still free to LASFS members, but only if they picked up their copy within two meetings of publication.

In late 60s, Shaggy was edited by Ken Rudolph and it enjoyed widespread popularity, due to its wide circulation and Rudolph's ability to produce elaborate and impressive issues.

Shaggy was nominated for the 1946 Best Fanzine Retro Hugo at L.A.con III in 1996.