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(Did you mean the Science Fiction Poetry Association?)

The Southern Fandom Press Alliance, an apa limited (though not entirely) to fans living in the Old South. It was founded in September 1961 by Bob Jennings.

(Membership was governed by two rules: The "Damn Yankee" rule (no more than 20% of the membership could be non-Southern) and the Once a Southerner, Always a Southerner rule (a Southerner living in the North still counts as a Southerner.) Shadow-SFPA is an apa for SFPA waitlisters.

An HTML index to the entire fanzine title content of SFPA is hosted at Fanac and updated as mailings appear every other month - January, March, May, July, September, November. September 2011 (Mailing 283) will be the 50th anniversary (the apa was originally quarterly). The September 1976 mailing had 880 pages! But the April 1981 mailing — the 100th — which was collated at Satyricon had 1748 pages even without Harry Andruschak's 300+ page contribution.

Contributors and Apazines:


http://www.fanac.org/Fannish_Reference_Works/NedBrooks/sfpatoc.html (IA) Copies at Fanac

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Wikidot is dying. This site has moved to http://fancyclopedia.org