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Fanzine published by the Oxford University Speculative Fiction Group. It published mostly fiction including early work by many British writers, such as Ian Watson, Colin Greenland, Robert Holdstock, Dave Langford and Michael Scott Rohan. There were 12 issues in 1969-1978 and seven more 1982-1995. There were many editors.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 1969 20 ed by Jeremy Gilchrist, Robert Morrow, Sandra J. Burman
2 March 1970 28 ed by D.A. Parsons, Sandra J. Burman, C.J.K. Morgan
3 October 1970 32 ed by Diana Reed
4 August 1971 27 ed by Diana Reed
5 January 1972 30 ed by Diana Reed
6 October 1972 24 ed by Allan Scott
7 January 1973 28 ed by Allan Scott, Kevin Smith. This issue was nominated for a Nova Award for best fanzine of 1973
8 Summer 1973 30 ed by Allan Scott, Kevin Smith
9 Spring 1974 28 ed by Kevin Smith
10 January 1975 24 ed by Peter D. Jones
11 1976 ed by Andrew Chapman
October 1978 28 ed by Ricky Tyson
1 1982 New series with numbering starting from 1
2 1983 ed by Stephen Wimperis, Barbara Rochford, Edward Stuart
3 1984 ed by Barbara Rochford, John Styles
4 January 1987 ed by Neal Tringham, Maria Hamilton, Ivan Towlson
5 1988? ed by Mark Davies
6 1989? ed by Mo Holkar
7 May 1995 Final issue

SFinx One

Solitary by Chris Morgan
A Rose By Any Other Name by Mark Powell
Tread Softly by Jeremy Gilchrist
Feedback by Sandra J. Burman
Diabolical Diversion by Bob Morrow
Evolution by Chris Morgan
The Myers Effect by Diana Reed

SFinx Two: Son Of SFinx

Happy Ever After by Rosanna Corke
Dream World by Chris Morgan
The Last Horizon by Bill Fraser
The Light Of Life by Jenny Barrett
A Question Of Usage by Rosanna Corke
Mindsinger by Diana Reed
The Myers Effect by Diana Reed

SFinx Three

Child Of The Sun by Chris Morgan
Creation by Paul Jobin
The Sign Of The Dove by Allan Scott
Love Thine Enemies by Philip Payne
Margaret, Margaret by Rosanna Corke & M. Arnold
An End by John Allen
Quondam by Diana Reed
Memoranda by Paul Jobin
Rain-Dust by Jennifer Barrett
Martin Rosanna Corke by Lady Margaret Hall
Tilt by Chris Morgan
Flight Number 13 by Michael Ballance
The Forbidden Land by Allan Scott

SFinx Four

Strange… by Jennifer Barrett
A Dead Giveaway by Sandra J. Burman
Better Things To Come by Michael Summers
World Without End by Diana Reed
Broken Triangle by Allan Scott
Pastoral by Diana Reed
The Lengths To Which Some Reporters Will Go by Paul Robin
The Last Musician by Chris Morgan

SFinx Five

The Incentive by Chris Morgan
Cautionary Tale by Diana Reed
Imagination by Simon Jones
Crankenstein - A Sfinx Serial by David Langford
The Process Of Colonisation by Chris Morgan
Adrian And The Octopus by Rosanna Summers
Brainchild by Robert Jackson
Survivors by Allan Scott

SFinx Six

The Parallel Assassin by Chris Morgan
It's A Free Country by Diana Reed
So Who Needs A Title Anyway? by Kev Smith
The Immortals by Allan Scott
The Nunatak Wall by Robert Jackson

SFinx Seven
To Lay The Piper by Robert P. Holdstock
The Planetoid In The Case: A Matter Of Unnatural Law by Mike Scott Rohan
Rock Of Ages by Robert Jackson
Alcain And The Swamp Demons by Kev Smith

SFinx Eight

The Ghosts Of Luna by Ian Watson
The Gloriana Factory by Kevin Smith
A Further Process Of Decay by Robert P. Holdstock
By Any Other Name…. by Allan Scott
Only Time Will Tell by Chris Morgan

SFinx Nine

This Tangled (being) Web by Diana Reed
Martian Dope by Andrew Darlington
Killing Time by George Codd
Scourge Of Space by David Langford
The Duke Of Oldfranc by Steve Sneyd
Go By British Rail by Adam Williams
Supernova by Ian Watson

SFinx Ten

The Vestal Factor by Colin Greenland
The Right Sort Of Noises by Ruth Paul
Cesspool Of Stars by David Langford
Halfway To Paradise by George Codd
Two Trains Passing by D. Arthur Lott

SFinx Eleven

Mirrors by Paul Connors
Other Ways by Ed Phipps
The Black Light by Andrew Darlington
Horsepower by Gregory Dowling
Jellyfish by Dave Langford

SFinx Twelve

Mirrors by Paul Connors
Other Ways by Ed Phipps
The Black Light by Andrew Darlington
Horsepower by Gregory Dowling
Jellyfish by Dave Langford

SFinx Thirteen

The Farmer's Secret by Nadia Smulian
Scouse In Space by Dave Abbott
The Dragon by Richard Pinch
The Visit by John Dean
The Paper Tiger by Mike Grey & Chris Morris
Dreamspeed by Dave Abbott
Amardam by Chris Dollin

SFinx One (new series)

The Whole And Nothing But…. by Coralie Morton
When The Starmen Came by William Bains
Ultima by Mary Murray
When I Was A Man And You Were A Woman by Carl Stephens
'In My End Is My Beginning' by Niall Ross

SFinx Two (new series)

Duel Of Words by Dave Langford
Nostalgia by Barbara Rochford
Appeal by John Styles
To The Shore by Steven Wimperis
Prisoner by Mike Figg

SFinx Three (new series)

The Visitor by Catherine Watson
For What We Are About To Receive by Phil Raines
Thanking You In Advance by Carolyn Clarke
To Wake The Dead by Richard Hornsey
Weekend Return by John Styles
Necessary Measures by Barbara Rochford

The Best Of SFinx (1969-'84)

The Ghosts Of Luna by Ian Watson
Mindsinger by Diana Reed
The Vestal Factor by Colin Greenland
Necessary Measures by Barbara Rochford
To Lay The Piper by Robert P. Holdstock
It's A Free Country by Diana Reed
Supernova by Ian Watson
In My End Is My Beginning by Niall Ross

SFinx Four (new series)

In A World Of Your Own by Maria Hamilton
But I Meant Well… by C. M. Holt
The Dream Circuit by David Upshal
A Fairy's Tale by Nick Penfold
Contracting A Wife by D. P. Martin
Time Enough For Politics by Neal Tringham
The Man In The Moon by David Upshal
All We Have In Common… by Ivan Towlson

SFinx Five (new series)

Roll Up! Roll Up! by Mo Holkar
Intelligence Test by Tim Adye
Drifting by C. M. Holt & F. A. Watts
Inner Sanctum by David Upshal
Corman by Mark Davies
A World He Never Made by Capt. W. Digby-Worthington

SFinx Six (new series)

The Dreaming Spires by Peter Lorge
On Principles Of Morality We Are Rebuilding The World Barbara by Mascetti
Breaking The Ice by Chris Ewels
The Atrocity Man by Mo Holkar
Numbers by L. J. Hogan
A Proud And Noble Race by J. M. Butterworth

SFinx Reborn

Changeling by Frances Hardinge
How To Make A Time Machine by Dominic Camus
Dataspace by Peter Sidwell
Expulsion by Jon South
The Ark by Chris Ewels

The Best Of SFinx

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