Secondary Universe II

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Secondary Universe II was held October 31-November 2, 1969, at the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay and was again organized by Ivor Rogers. The conference was a strange beast, not a typical convention but not a typical academic conference, either. The SCA, the Science Fiction Research Association, and the Tolkien Society of America. The theme of conference seemed to be 'ecological problems and their solutions', and any connection with the SCA and the TSAwas tenuous at best.

The conference opened with a keynote address by C. A. Muses (editor of the Journal of Consciousness) titled "Whither Technology or Will It Wither?", which proposed a deeper understanding of the human mind and consciousness as a solution for many of man's problems.

After that, the conference split into its component parts. There were other scholarly talks; Harry Stubbs described the content of many of them as "the O-Gloomy-Doom sort bemoaning pollution, overpopulation, etc." Stubbs changed his talk in reaction to all the pessimism, and spoke about "Man as an Energy Addict", and proposed several technological solutions should the world's energy supply ever run low. The SFRA held organizational meetings and the SCA sponsored a Halloween costume ball, with the stipulation that costumes had to be pre-1660.

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