(Second) Futurian Society of New York

Fancyclopedia 2 says:

In mid-1958 another Futurian Society of New York was formed as "a refuge for the ribald, irreverent, booze-swilling segments of NY fandom", with recruits from other areas. At the PhilCo of that year a group banquet was thrown and at the end of December a Fanarcon at the Nunnery gathered about 50 adherents for a three-day confabulation. Such folk as Dick & Pat Ellington, Bill Donaho, Art Saha, Dan Curran, Martha Cohen, Larry Shaw, Randy Garrett, Dick Eney, John Magnus, Ted & Sylvia White, Algis Budrys, Dave Kyle, 2N Falasca, and other carefree funloving faaans are pillars of the society.

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