Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre

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A conference centre in Glasgow, build in 1985 on the former docklands, and used for two Worldcons, to date, Intersection and Interaction, it has been proposed for the UK in 2024 Worldcon bid.

Much criticised in 1995 for the lack of ceilings in the makeshift programme rooms built in the exhibition hall, the facilities had improved by 2005 with the addition of meeting rooms (Loch suite) and the Armadillo concert hall. The 2005 Worldcon bid also referred back to the problem, with its bid slogan "Once More With Ceiling!" and used the image of the Armadillo in it's Spaceport Glasgow visual theme.

Renamed the Scottish Events Campus (SEC) in 2017.

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Spaceport Glasgow by Jim Burns
In-flight Magazine cover by Frank Wu

Wikidot is dying. This site has moved to