SCIFI and 1.37

At Chicon IV in 1982 there was an issue of the hoax newsletter which repeatedly quoted George Flynn (a NESFA member who had a fannish reputation of keeping accurate track of things numerical — voting numbers, attendance numbers and the like — and reporting on trends) as commenting on any number they m/a/d/e/ u/p/ reported. For example, if the hoax newsletter reported that the Chicon IV Board of Directors had paid for 27 dinner meetings for itself, they'd then make up a quote from George that this was 1.37 times greater than any previous Board. And so on — everything was 1.37 times greater or smaller.

A few years later, when SCIFI made a temporary loan of $20,000 to the NESFA Lunar Realty Trust, it made it in the form of 100 checks for $137 — each delivered by a different route (by hand at conventions, by mail, etc) and one check for the balance.

Why 1.37? Who knows? It was probably all Bruce Pelz' idea.