Science-Fiction Plus

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Science-Fiction Plus was Hugo Gernsback's last SF magazine, published from March, 1953, until December, 1953, for a total run of seven issues. Sam Moskowitz was Managing Editor.

In addition to fiction, each issue contained an editorial, articles on science, and other features related to the science of the day.

The first five issues were issued in a slick, folio format; the last two in a large, pulp format. All issues had 64 pages.

Authors included Clifford D. Simak, Chad Oliver, Jack Williamson, Philip Jose Farmer, Anne McCaffrey, Frank M. Robinson, Murray Leinster, and Eric Frank Russell.

Artwork was by the magazine's Art Director, Frank R. Paul (all issues), Alex Schomburg, and Virgil Finlay, among others.

Genre historian Donald H. Tuck wrote that this was "probably the best looking sf magazine ever produced." Despite its appearance, Science-Fiction Plus was not a financial success.

A recent critical history of the magazine by Jon D. Swartz was published in the January, 2017 issue of The National Fantasy Fan (Volume 76, Number 1).

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