Science Fiction Chronicle

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A monthly (later bimonthly) newszine published by Andy Porter from 1979 to #206, Jun-Jul 2000. In 2000 Porter sold the magazine to DNA Publications and continued as editor through October, 2002 when he was replaced by John Douglas. Douglas was replaced by Ian Randal Strock in April 2005 who served as editor until the magazine shut down in Sept 2006.

Under Porter, SFC (as it was usually called) was a major voice in the SF field. While Locus was pretty consistently in first place in size and circulation, SFC provided a strong, competitive voice. This is evidenced by its long run of Hugo nominations: It was nominated for Best Fanzine Hugo from 1981-1983, and the Best Semiprozine Hugo from 1984-2001. (It was also nominated in 2002, but the nomination was declined by the publisher.) It won the 1993 Best Semiprozine Hugo and the 1994 Best Semiprozine Hugo. Porter, as editor, also won a special committee award for excellence in editing Science Fiction Chronicle from Chicon V in 1991.)

The magazine is also known as SF Chronicle.

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