Ruth Berman

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(1942 —)

Ruth A. Berman is a writer of short SF and speculative poetry who was on the faculty of the University of Minnesota. When she was at the University of Minnesota High School in the late 50s, she found other fans (Eleanor Arnason, Ron White and Barry Hansen) and the group published a fanzine as well as attempting to start the Twin Cities Fantasy Society. She attended Detention the 1959 Worldcon in Detroit. She was a founding member of the Rivendell Group.

She was an early Star Trek fan and published the fanzines, All Mimsy, Dunkiton Press, Neolithic, T Negative, Pantopon, Nous (later No) with her sister Jean Berman, SH - sf Fanthology and Inside Star Trek. She was the founder of the Professor Challenger Society for fans of both Arthur Conan Doyle and SF. She published Dinky Bird for SAPS. She played Coventry and was a member of the Little Men.

Her short fiction has appeared in Analog, New Worlds, Star Trek: The New Voyages, Shadows 2, Tales of the Unanticipated, and Asimov's Science Fiction. She was a founding member of the Aardvark Writing Group. She published Zeepsday, a one-act play based on a Gordy Dickson story.

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