Rusty Hevelin

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(16 February 1922 — 27 December 2011)

Rusty Hevelin (né James LeRoy Hevelin, aka Rust E. Barron and Rustebar) was a fan, fanzine publisher, collector, and huckster.

He was the FGoH at the 1981 Worldcon, Denvention Two — his first Worldcon was Denvention 1 in 1941 (which makes him a member of Second Fandom).

He was active in fandom from 1941 when he discovered LASFS, attended Denvention, and co-edited Fantascience Digest with Bob Madle. Starting in 1942, he published Nebula with Larry Shaw. He was president of PSFS and then a director of the N3F. He attended the Pacificon.

He started huckstering old prozines at Baycon in 1968 and was one of the founders of PulpCon. He won DUFF in 1975, and chaired the (losing, alas!) Detroit in '82 Worldcon bid. He was a member of FAPA (at least three times!).

Along with Gay Haldeman, he often participated in panels for neos such as "How to Enjoy Your First Convention." Just before PghLange VIII in 1976 he shaved off his beard. Someone put up a survey in the dealers room door asking whether people preferred him with or without the beard. The "grow the beard back" respondents won by a landslide. He was the recipient of the Hevelin to Holland fan fund in 1990.

On January 16, 2012, Pulpfest announced that the Munsey Award would be renamed the Rusty Hevelin Service Award. He was a member of PEAPS.

His collection of fanzines was purchased by the University of Iowa, who are digitizing the fanzines coordinating a transcription project using volunteer labor. (IA) Fanzine digitization project (IA) Video of Rusty interviewing Art Widner


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Rusty Hevelin, about 1989. Photo courtesy Curt Phillips
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