Roger Elwood

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(1933 — 2007)

Roger Elwood was an editor (who also did some writing), best known for having edited an extraordinarily large number of anthologies and collections for a variety of publishers in the late 1960s-early 1970s.

The original anthology series that he created/edited included the "Frontiers" and "Continuum" series of SF books. He is blamed by most for having created the anthology boom of the 70s by simultaneously selling anthologies to most of the publishers, creating an artificial (and unsustainable) mania.

The Continuum series consisted of Continuum 1 (1974), Continuum 2 (1974), Continuum 3 (1974), and Continuum 4 (1975). Authors who provided original stories to this series included Philip Jose Farmer, Poul Anderson, Chad Oliver, Thomas Scortia, Anne McCaffrey, Gene Wolfe, Edgar Pangborn, and Dean R. Koontz.

Elwood's own novels were mostly religious fantasies, although some had SF elements.

After the failure in the late 1970s of the Laser Books SF line, which he had originated, Elwood abruptly quit the SF genre. (One of the last sightings of him was at a Lunacon where he threw packaged sandwiches into a crowd of fans, yelling "Come and hear my talk." He was always a salesman.)

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