Roc*Kon (apparently also written Roc*Con and Rockon) a convention in Little Rock, AR

Convention Dates GoHs
Roc*Kon 1 February 4-6, 1977 Roger Zelazny, Bob Asprin
Roc*Kon 2 February 10-12, 1978 Bob Tucker, Michael Riley
Roc*Kon 3 February 9-11, 1979 Kelly Freas, Shelby Bush
Roc*Kon 4 October 26-28, 1979 Gordon R. Dickson, Dalvan Coger
Roc*Kon 5 October 17-19, 1980 Andrew J. Offutt, Dick Lynch, Nicki Lynch
Roc*Kon 8 October 7-9, 1983 Poul Anderson, Charlie Williams
Roc*Kon 17 April 30-May2, 1993 Suzette Haden Elgin, Mary Hanson-Roberts, Greg Bridges, Angela Bridges

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