Robin Johnson

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Robin Johnson is an Australian fan from Tasmania. He was living in England in 1968 and on his way to visit relatives in Tasmania, he stopped at McGills, where Merv Binns worked and got Ron Clarke's address. On another trip to Australia, he was met by Clarke and was taken to a fannish party and met some SSFF people. He moved to Australia in 1969, attended the 1969 Natcon in Melbourne (the Eighth Australian Science Fiction Convention) and became active in Australian fandom.

He represented the new Australia in '75 Worldcon bid at Heicon, the 1970 Worldcon, became chairman of the bid when John Foyster resigned in 1972 and went on to chair the first Australian Worldcon, Aussiecon, in Melbourne in 1975. He was a member of the Australia in '83 Worldcon bid's executive committee and he chaired Thylacons 1-3. He was one of the publishers of Norstrilian News.

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