Robert J. Sawyer

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(1960 —)

A Canadian SF writer whose career began with three stories in the early 80s, three more in the late 80s, and his first novel in 1990. His career really took off in the mid-90s and he has published over twenty novels.

He has been heavily involved in SFWA, and lobbied hard for the creation of the Canadian Region which was established in 1992. Sawyer served as Canadian Regional Director of SFWA for three years and also edited its newsletter, called Alouette. Alouette was nominated for a Prix Aurora award for best fanzine.

In 1998, he was elected president of SFWA on a platform that promised a referendum on periodic membership requalification and the creation of a Nebula Award for best script. He won, beating Norman Spinrad 3:2. However, his term was marked by considerable controversy and he resigned half-way through and was replaced by vice-president Paul Levinson.

Sawyer's Aurora Award-winning collection of stories and essays, Relativity was the first book published by ISFiC Press.

He is married to the poet Carolyn Clink.

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