Riverside Dive

Riverside Dive had five bedrooms (with a fan in each) and an enormous living room. It served as an inspiration for Wilcon.

from Fancyclopedia 2 ca. 1959
An apartment at 299 Riverside Drive, New York 25 NY. Dick Ellington, Art Saha, Pat Werner, Bill Donaho, and from one to one dozen others at various times. They finally got evicted for playing jazz and all sorts of crazy carryings on like that there, a short time after the NYCon II.

from Fancyclopedia 2 Supplement ca. 1960:
The gang were actually thrown out for playing the 1812 Overture, complete with cannon, at full volume at 4am. "The 1812 Overture", says Boyd Raeburn sternly, "Is Not Jazz."