Richard Harter

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(June 29, 1935 — April 20, 2012)

Fan, long-time member of NESFA, Marine, publisher of the fanzine Personal Notes, perpetrator of the website Richard Harter's World, and co-conspirator in the Highmore in '76 Worldcon bid. He was a member of APA-NESFA.

In Boston fandom he was known as "Mr. Harter" a term of respect for his dignified ancientry (he was a decade older than most of the rest of them). He was elected Fellow of NESFA in 1976 and served as President of NESFA. He was never a member of MCFI, holding 'that someone around here had to retain their sanity' and not run Worldcons. It did no good. (He was also part of the Concord in '80 hoax bid. That did no good, either.)

He was born and raised in South Dakota, but lived most of his working life in the Boston area where he discovered fandom by joining the MITSFS.

On retirement, he moved back to Highmore, SD. Once, at a Worldcon, when asked if there were any fans in South Dakota, he answered "not this weekend."

He described himself as a “compleat fan, a collector who prizes his mint copy of Dick and Jane meet Robby Robot, a club fan who is not just a club fan but also a diamond fan and a spade fan, a fanzine fan whose multitudinous publications, if not always award winning, certainly ought to be, and a convention fan noted for attending conventions that no one else attended.”

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