Construction Details

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  • We will print out pages in advance (mlo's task) and they will be taped to the boards during setup.
  • We will use colored yarn for connections and color-code them in some as-yet-not-worked-out way. (Yellow = was GoH, red=published, green=on committee, etc.)
  • We need secure way to attach connections to foam core — this is hard! It looks like some sort of pin will work if the foamcore is thick enough.
  • The 8'x8' and 8'x16' foamcore surfaces must each be flat, though the two surfaces need not be coplanar with each other.

Reno Tentative Exhibits layout

  • Procurement responsibilities
    • Reno Exhibits
      • 7 sheets of 4''x8' foamcore (standard thickness)
      • Pipe (or whatever) to support the foamcore
      • One computer
      • Internet connectivity
      • Electricity
      • N tables
      • M chairs
    • Fanac
      • One computer
      • 3 rolls 2" Tape
      • Yarn for connections (at least 500')
      • Push pins
      • Regular scotch tape for mounting
      • Magic markers
      • Signage for boards
      • Printouts for mounting

Wikidot is dying. This site has moved to