Redd Boggs

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(April 2, 1921 — May 9, 1996)

Dean Walter (Redd) Boggs was a Minneapolis fan who moved to LA in the mid-1960s after he retired. He was a BNF of the 40s and 50s who is credited with raising the standards of fan writing and fanzine production by his examples in these areas. He was a member of the Minneapolis Fantasy Society.

He edited the 1948 Fantasy Annual. His fanzine Sky Hook published both fannish and critical material, including the early criticism of James Blish. His fanzine Discord was nominated for the 1961 Best Fanzine Hugo. He was also nominated for the the 1954 Best Fan Writer Retro Hugo, and Sky Hook was nominated for the 1954 Best Fanzine Retro Hugo and the 1956 Best Fanzine Hugo. His personal fanzine Spirochete for the FAPA (which he joined in 1947 lasted for 76 issues. He published Hurkle for SAPS.

He also published Ad Lib, Astounding Story-Key, Astronaut, Bete Noir, Black Hat, Chronoscope, Cockatrice, Discard, Famous Fantastic Mouse Stories, Futurist, Good Advice, Glubbdubdrib, Hand in a Window, The House of the Hidden Poet, Just West of the World, Minac 8.5 (with Bill Blackbeard), The Nehwon Review, Open Season on Monsters, Penseroso, Qabal, Retrograde, A Sad Story, Scintilla from World's End, Tympani, Under the Azalea and Wahrscheinlichkeits Rechnung. Some of these were collected into the Hornpipe Series. Many of his publications were done through his Gafia Press. (He also used the Neoteric publishing house.) Howard De Vore published The Craters of the Moon containing his work.

Boggs’ main form of writing was the personal essay. He was a prominent member of N3F in the 40s, once contributing 50-some manuscripts to the club’s Manuscript Bureau. He was a close friend of Jim Harmon and contributed articles to Harmon’s fanzine Radiohero). He was married to fellow fan Gretchen Schwenn. He was a member of First Fandom. See The Purple Dawn for a long article by Boggs on Spacewarp.

He used the penname Theophillis Alvor.

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