Randy Byers

(19 September 1960 — November 20, 2017)

A fanzine fan and fan writer living in the Seattle area who discovered fandom in 1979. He was TAFF delegate in 2003 and belonged to the Apparatchiki and ran Vanguard parties. He was on the Corflu 26 committee.

He won the 2007 Best Fanzine Hugo for Science Fiction Five-Yearly and was nominated for the 2005 Best Fanzine Hugo and the 2006 Best Fanzine Hugo for Chunga.

His fanzines include Conversions, Travels with the Wild Child, Alternatie Pants, Slow Train to Immortality, Binnacle (co-edited with Victor Gonzales) and Chunga ( (co-edited with Andy Hooper and Carl Juarez). He was OE of issue 26 of WOOF.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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