from Fancyclopedia 2 ca. 1959
(Boggs) A cover which is filled with interlineation-style quotations rather than art work, etc; also known as coverquotes, quotelines, quovers. They evolved ultimately from the list of fanzines and fans on Art Joquel's Fanfile #1 (1941) reprinted on Chauvenet's Fanzine Digest (April '42), but in their current period of fad were popularized by the Insurgents with Wild Hair #7 (June '51). Rotsler was probably the main carrier-on of the Insurgent coverline idea — "coverline" was the name Burbee, Laney, and Rotsler used for them, but "quote-cover" rapidly became the general expression. Art Rapp wanted to use "beardmutterings", but damon knight's invention under this title has prior right.