Predicted Issue of ASF
from Fancyclopedia 2 ca. 1959
In the November 1948 Brass Tacks Richard Hoen wrote in reviewing the November 1949 issue, which he praised. It had, he claimed, featured material by Heinlein, vanVogt, delRey, Sturgeon, deCamp, Willy Ley, R S Richardson… He was slightly struck with erstaunt when a reporter from TIME called on him a year later and asked whether he'd written a letter to ASF. Not till thus nudged did it dawn on him that the November ASF had material by Heinlein, vanVogt, delRey, Sturgeon, deCampJWC had hinted at something special for the November ish, and Sam Moskowitz covered himself with glory by deducing just what it was going to be. For the benefit of ambitious readers JWC remarked that others need not try; it was fun once, but once was enough.