Platen Stories

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Platen Stories is a collection of fanzine material by Dave Langford published by Conspiracy '87 in conjunction with his Fan GoHship. A5 format; 64pp plus card covers; cover art by Jim Barker.

Langford has never reissued Platen Stories as a standalone ebook since several items (marked * below) were incorporated into his larger collection The Silence of the Langford and more (marked ** below) were added to the expanded ebook of Silence.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction: Zen and the Art of Egotripping
  • Vulgarity and Nullity
  • The Book of War: Chapter 2080 **
  • One Hundred Years Ago **
  • The Moving Accident *
  • The Dragonhiker's Guide to Battlefield Covenant at Dune's Edge: Odyssey Two *
  • The Inverted Baked Alaska, and After **
  • The Leaky Establishment: The Final Drips *
  • Fizz! Buzz! *
  • Hazel's Language Lessons
  • Mexicon Jigsaw
  • A Load of Crystal Balls: Great Failures of Prediction AD 2000-3000 **
  • Our Lady of Pain *

Additionally, free space at the end of each item is packed with filler snippets from assorted Langford fanzines. "Vulgarity and Nullity", a review of Robert A. Heinlein's "The Number of the Beast", ended up in a serious Langford critical collection rather than in Silence.

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