Mediawiki Issues


  • Mediawiki wants file uploads to have unique names across the site, not merely the page, so names will need to change if we chose to upload again.
    • John Bray thinks his separate file structure would work better. (Need to document).
    • We will need to inspect all files for unique names sometime, probably using a Python program to do that.
    • (Perhaps we can adopt the standard that we'll prefix all existing file names with the name of the page they're current stored in.)

Mediawiki manual on file uploads

Iframe allows you to insert external webpages


The closest to wikidot tags are mediawiki categories, but you might need extensions to get full functionality (like typing categories in a box, rather than as a line in a page) or pages with lists of other pages within them



Mark would like to backup to individual files using an API, while the usual mediawiki approach is to backup the mysql database as a whole. You can Export a range of pages, but that outputs in XML
Mediawiki export
Moving a wiki

preserving urls

Wikidot has spaces as dashes,, but a URL 1 or redirects
Mediawiki has spaces as underscores http://localhost/wiki/fancyclopedia/index.php/Boskone_1, but while URL http://localhost/wiki/fancyclopedia/index.php/Boskone 1 redirects, http://localhost/wiki/fancyclopedia/index.php/Boskone-1 does not, reporting a missing page.
So 3rd parties using dashes in their current URLs might have problems
Mediawiki advice on urls
Using Short_URL we can have (no index.php) but the page names are case sensitive except for the first character, see, so a wikidot supercon can match a mediawiki Supercon or supercon, but not SuperCon with the second capital. you would need redirects, but you'd not catch the external links from users who have relied on wikidot's case insensitivity. This is probably also a problem for wikidot internal references which have been casually coded.