The 1960 Worldcon held September 3-5 at the Penn-Sheraton Hotel in Pittsburgh. GoH: James Blish. Isaac Asimov was Toastmaster. Chairman: Dirce Archer.

The Pittcon Business Meeting limited Hugo nominations to members of the Worldcon due to an attempt to stuff the ballot. (See 1959 Hugo Results for details.) Carl Brandon's 1958 fannish play The Purple Pastures was presented by a joint group from LASFS and CHIAC.

1960 Hugo Results, 1961 Site Selection results.

The 1961 Worldcon was awarded without objection to Seattle for Seacon.

Con reports:

Bidders for 1960: Chicago in '60, DC in 1960, [[Philadelphia in 1960]]], Pittsburgh in '60. The Pittsburgh bid beat the DC bid in a vote at the WSFS Business Meeting at Detention. There was also a Philadelphia in 1960 bid. See 1960 Site Selection results.

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