Pioneer Award

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The Pioneer Award was created in 1990 to honor the single best critical SF work of the year, regardless of length.

It is presented simultaneously with the Pilgrim Award at the annual Science Fiction Research Association (SFRA) conference.

Year Winner
1990 Veronica Hollinger
1991 H. Bruce Franklin
1992 Istvan Csiscery-Ronay, Jr.
1993 No Award
1994 Larry McCaffrey and Takayuki Tatsumi
1995 Roger Luckhurst
1996 Brian Stableford
1997 John Moore
1998 I. F. Clarke
1999 Carl Freedman
2000 Wendy Pearson
2001 De Witt Douglas Kilgore
2002 Judith Berman
2003 Lance Olsen
2004 Andrew M. Butler
2005 Lisa Yaszek
2006 Maria DeRose
2007 Amy J. Ransom
2008 Sherryl Vint
2009 Neil Easterbrook
2010 Allison de Fren
2011 John Rieder
2012 David M. Higgins
2013 Lysa Rivera
2014 Jaak Tomberg
2015 Scott Selisker
2016 Lindsay Thomas
2017 Thomas Strychacz

See also Pilgrim Award.

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